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SPC Treks

Night Photography Class

August 10th, 2024

9 pm 

 The Friends of South Pass City will host a night photography course with Casper, Wyoming photographer Laura Redmond. 
If you have ever wondered what SPC is like at night bathed in starlight here is your chance to find out and learn the art of night photography.  There will be opportunities to shoot at both South Pass City and the Carissa Mine.  The class is open to all skill levels.  Requires a DSLR camera, a wide angle lens, a tripod
, remote control or timer on the camera  and your imagination.


Trek is limited to 20 People 

Reservations are Required.


Laura Redmond


Laura is a wife and mother of 5. She has a passion for night photography and has traveled to multiple states to capture the night sky. When she is out during the day she is always wondering what something will look like lit up by the stars. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the details in the foreground as well as the stars. She has been teaching others how to enjoy the wonders of the night sky since 2018. Her mission is to educate others about dark skies to preserve them for future generations.

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