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SPC Treks


Early Mining at South Pass City

Arrastra & Stamp Mill Demonstrations

July 15th & July 29th, 2023

Gold was discovered in 1867 on a windswept ridge above a minor tributary of the Sweetwater River.  In less than a year the rush was on and the creek had a name, Willow Creek, and a town called South Pass City that boasted 1000 people.  Even though the place was very remote miners were enterprising, bringing in huge pieces of equipment to process gold ore. This trek follows Willow Creek along SPC’s Flood & Hindle Trail and looks into the history of early mining at SPC.  This is an easy 1.5 mile walk on well-maintained trail.  This trek includes a full demonstration of our stamp mill and our one of a kind Arrastra.  “What’s an Arrasta?” you say?  Check out the video below!


Tour is Limited to 25 people

Reservations HIGHLY recommended

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