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English Tunnel

Friday, Saturdays & Sundays

in June, July & August

Reservation Required

11 am

Free with admission to the historic site

The tour is limited to 8 people

No children under 6 years old

Bring hiking boots, water

& sense of adventure


The English Tunnel was started in 1868 as an exploratory tunnel looking for gold bearing quartz veins.  Using dynamite, shovels & picks, miners fought their way into the heart of the mountain side.  Today the tunnel is a testament to the miner’s skill & remains in perfect condition so you can walk into the past.


The English Tunnel sits in a remote corner of the historic site.  Visitors on the tour are lead on a 2  mile hike - round trip -  to the tunnel where they will see the tunnel as a miner in 1870s would have seen it - by a candle!  Explore the working technique & geology then walk back to SPC.

The hike to the tunnel is 2  miles round trip across moderate slopes.  Wear good shoes & bring water.    No children under 6  years old.

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